school portrait sessions


why school portraits? i remember my school portrait experiences … they weren’t pretty. as is the case with most school portrait businesses — kid walks in. kid sits down. flash goes off. portrait is made. kid leaves. the end result — just yucky. smiles are awkward and forced. kids often look like their is something wrong with their neck. they’re uncomfortable. kids don’t look forward to them and parents feel obligated to purchase them.

i want to take the “yuck” out of school portraits by interacting with your child and earning their natural smiles. but i don’t just want smiles, you see. i want to SEE your child by capturing the way they turn their head ever so slightly inward or away when they’re shy, their intense freckles, their bright red hair, those big disney eyes, their giggles, their super long lashes, and their toothless (or snaggle tooth) smiles.

the actual school portrait session takes place in my home studio and is really simple. i will spend about 15 minutes with your child, chatting with them and being silly, all the while studying and capturing their expressions. you will receive 3-5 proofs via a private proofing gallery 1 week later, and will be able to order your packages and/or other products directly from there!

schedule a private session for your child/children (offered year-round):

inclusive session fee: $65 per child

  • 15¬†minutes session
  • 5-10 digital files per child + print release
  • private online ordering gallery

encourage your school to participate in the fine art school portrait program!

in this program, school portraits are done AT school OR my home studio! not only do you (the parent) not have to pay a session fee, your school will actually earn money with every order placed! if you would like to know how to get our program at your school, simply forward them to my website or contact me and i will email them directly AND send them an introductory packet in the mail!


your complete, non-refundable session fee or deposit is due at the time of booking. sessions will not be booked without payment and a signed contract.

for more information on scheduling your school portrait art session, or for a detailed pricing guide, please contact me.