photographic style

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i’m a storyteller … a truth seeker … a photo maker. i seek the truth in all aspects of my life and in every session i undertake. i live for documenting the connections we share with our loved ones, beauty in the mundane, and authenticity of the everyday.

my biggest wish in life is that i had photographs like the ones i create for my clients … photographs that showcase the connection i share with MY littles. time passes us by far too quickly … in a blink, my girls are 13 & 10. yes, they’re still little … and i’m working diligently to create photographs of us merely existing & enjoying our time together from here on out, but i find myself longing for the sleepless nights with a toddler and wee little babe, one more game of candyland, baking together … when a step stool was still required & the messes were ginormous, and falling asleep whilst reading the 5th round of our bedtime story. i yearn for visual documentation of the memories we’ve made over the last 13 years, and how our connections with one another have been altered by time, because at some point … my memory is going to fail me. and, since i’ve always been the one behind the camera, my littles will have countless photographs of themselves … showcasing the connection they share with one another, other family members, and so on … but i’ll be missing. and when i’m gone … the visuals they’ll have to remind them are so few and far between. that hurts. SO bad. i can’t even …
a few years ago, i thought to myself … i can’t redo life’s seasons with my littles, but i CAN create those photographs for other families! and so, that’s what i set out to do. i let go of all my preconceived notions of what people want, and opted to shoot from my soul … never having a plan in mind for what i’ll create, but always seeking truths, raw emotions, and strong connections. in doing so, i’ve found that i’m better able to tune into my clients … i watch them, listen to their stories … read their body language, and talk with them. i use the light to create imagery that speaks … to the mood, the climate in the room, the emotion, the relationships & connections shared, and the season of life they’re in. there’s something so much more happening than “just” a photo session … we’re connecting … we’re sharing … we’re creating.

i’m asked often what my fave thing to photograph is, but from outdoors to in-home to cuddling newborns in my studio, i really do love it all.

i love jammy-wearing jumping on the bed pancake making kind of sessions, and sessions that involve running through the backyard sprinklers, playing dress up whilst belting the lyrics to “let it go” at the top of our lungs, reading “where the wild things are” ten million times over, playing with dinosaurs, & putting puzzles together on the living room floor.

i love sunset sessions in the woods where we laugh & play … tickle & snuggle … and chase the light to create breathtaking silhouettes together.

and let’s not forget all things newborn — from bump to baby, documenting that journey into parenthood, from the anticipation to welcoming their wee babe home … well, it makes my cup runneth over, fills my heart with joy, and is something i was born to do.